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Tubular Breast Reconstruction

Feel like it's time to start a review! :) I hated my tubular breasts when I was growing up and was so expecting them to continue growing. Even when I was 20 I still got my hopes up because I read an article about how they can start growing again in your twenties. I pretty much figured it out... READ MORE

Questions from Kkma

Can liposuction in the hip area damage previously damaged ligaments (pubic symphysis joint)?

I have scoliosis and am four months post partum with damage in the pubic symphysis joint. I want to have fat grafting done to correct my tubular breasts, but I'm wondering if... READ MORE

Do smaller implants = smaller areola when doing tubular breast augmentation?

I'm not looking to go too big - just a b cup or so, but I can't find a picture of tubular breast augmentation with implants that small. Ppl usually get d cups. I noticed that... READ MORE

How do I get as close as possible to my goal pic, starting with tubular breasts? (photos)

I know I won't look like this ever. But what I like is the large lower pole, the linear sloped upper pole, how well centered the areola are, and how small the areola are. I... READ MORE

Is tubular breast correction sometimes covered by health insurance policies in Ontario, CA?

I've had some consults already and the doctors didn't know the answer. Are there any health plans that would cover this? I'm a part time teacher and it would be hard to access... READ MORE

Can I have fat grafts or implants with no general OR local anesthesia?

I've had 2 severe reactions to lidocaine from local anesthesia and epidural (extreme difficulty breathing, fast heart rate, hot all over, ringing in ears, seizure, etc.)I don't... READ MORE

What precautions are taken to avoid PE and fat embolism during fat transfer to breast?

Is it even possible to have these issues when doing fat transfer to breast? Do they use ultrasound to find/avoid your veins? Thank you READ MORE

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Can you post pics? I also have tubular breasts and want to do fat transfer .. And the doc I wanted was more expensive than $10,000 .. He also doesn't do the perareolar inscisions, which is something I wanted. I've never seen any pics of... READ COMMENT

Lol much better than surgery i bet haha but I didn't realize you were getting anaesthesia through your iv :/ silly me haha. I guess that would be nerve wracking lol I just got saline in my iv for hydration, but I have had anaesthesia... READ COMMENT

Don't you just love them already?!? You look great! READ COMMENT

You look amazing girl I'm so crazy excited for you!!! READ COMMENT