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Swelling and redness won't go away?

I had restylane in my lips and nose lines. I've had them before without problems. I had the usual swelling and bruising which was ok. 5 days later my upper lip and nasal lines... READ MORE

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Well they are big!! Lol. I find it depends on what tops I wear. Some make them look huge, others don't. It also depends on the make of bra, some in a DD some I'm a D. They've done wonders for my confidence x READ COMMENT

Glad You're doing well. They look great. Happy for you x READ COMMENT

Yes they do change. One day one was bigger than the other, then next day the other way round lol. They would go really hard like I wanted to breast feed!! Two weeks is still early days. They will settle. All the best x READ COMMENT

Maybe go back to your doctor. Don't worry. If there is a slight infection he can prescribe antibiotics. My friend had the same and hers have healed nicely. READ COMMENT

Hi. I had 420cc du facial in both in Malta. I'm from UK. After 4 children and plenty of loose skin, I went from 36b to 36D/DD. I'm 5 months post op and am over the moon with the result now they have settled. It can take a while for them... READ COMMENT