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Questions from fleur25

Rhioplasty needed w. septoplasty to correct my breathing problem? Is rhinoplasty ever medically necessary?

My nose is very deviated and I have difficulty breathing, prone to sinus infections, severe congestion, sinus headaches.I think about 25 of by breathing enters through the... READ MORE

My nose is deviated to the right and is asymmetrical. What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

My nose is very much deviated to the right. when I palpate the left side the bone is significantly more prominent and appears to be or feel thicker then on the right side. what... READ MORE

Under what circumstances would septorhinoplasty be covered by insurance? (photos)

My deviated septum is caused by a deviation in the structure of my nose. I am prone to sinus infections an and have trouble breathing. I also have sensitive asthma and... READ MORE

After septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery for deviated septum, what is the chance that nose will deviate again?

After getting septoplasty/rhintoplasty to correct severe deviated septum, is it likely that I may need additional surgeries to maintain the symmetry of my nose throughout life,... READ MORE

Surgeons of Realself, how much did the Rhinoplasty portion of a Septorhinoplasty cost the patient? (photo)

My ENT told me that the right side of my nose is nearly 100% obstructed by the left. I am basically only breathing out of one nostril. The ENT's office called and stated that... READ MORE

Would Septoplasty affect the outer appearance of my nose? (photos)

My ENT has stated that my right nostril is nearly 100% obstructed. However, the outer appearance of my nose is also very crooked. What I am wondering is if the straightening of... READ MORE

Can nose re-deviate during recovery from Septoplasty?

I had a Septoplasty 2 days ago. My nose was 100% deviated. My ENT told my family that some bone had to be removed. I did not see my surgeon after the procedure to get more... READ MORE

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Hello, was it easy to talk normally after the surgery? The reason I ask is that I work on the phone and was trying to get an idea of how many days I'll need to be off work. Thanks! READ COMMENT