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Treatment Review

Capsulorrhaphy to Repair Lateral and Inferior Displacement (Bottoming Out)

Breast Implant Revision

8 Feb 2017, Updated 1 day ago

At a month now in my recovery. In my opinion, looking good. Husband is happy with how boobs look so that's good. He has been so wonderful throughout all this boob drama for the last year. The feeling in my breast is coming back but I still have intermittent nagging pain which feels like pulling... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Consultation Review

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Breast Implant Revision

5 Feb 2017, Updated 14 days ago

Pranay Parikh, MD

5 out of 5 stars

From the interactions that I've had with this doctor, I could tell that he is caring, knowledgeable and honest. I had a complication with my original breast augmentation procedure (which was done out of state) and contacted Dr. Parikh via RealSelf to discuss a possible revision surgery. He personally called me on a Friday afternoon and asked many questions before asking me to come in for a... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Glad I Chose Dr. Perez-Gurri As My Doctor

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Breast Implant Revision

25 Jan 2017, Created 26 days ago

Jose Perez-Gurri, MD, FACS

5 out of 5 stars

I first had breast augmentation done with Dr. PG last year in the summer. I was happy with how everything had gone during surgery, but unfortunately ended up developing a complication which I realized after about three months. One of my breasts had "bottomed out" meaning I had inferior and lateral implant malposition (in medical terms). I communicated my concerns to the doctor who asked me to... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty for Under Eye Bags and Circles - Springfield, MA

Tired of looking old and tired. So rude when people ask me what happened and why do I look sick or tired, Ready to look 5 years younger and stop spending hours on covering up bags and purple circles with make up. Scheduled my procedure and am uploading some before photos. :) will take plenty of pictures after the procedure. Trying to catch that ugly light. I would say the surgery went... READ MORE

Had IPL Today for Three Small Spots - West Springfield, MA

I had a Cellulaze procedure 4 months ago which left me with three dark spots on my legs where the incisions were made. Today the doctor used IPL to zap the three spots and it hurt like hell. I still feel the spots burning a couple of hours later. Supposedly the spot is supposed to scab over and peel off in about a week reveling new pretty skin. I will keep you guys updated. The whole area... READ MORE

Don't Expect This "Minimally" Invasive Procedure to Be a Walk in the Park - West Springfield, MA

PRE-Operation: - doctor told me to take Arnica for about a week before the procedure to help with the pain and bruising - prescribed an anti-biotic and a relaxation medicine to take before the procedure - my cellulite was determined to be mild, what they would call grade 1 THE DAY OFF: - took pictures (I will post them later after I ask him to email them to me) - marked me with different... READ MORE

Questions from TatyanaS

Will mixing Hydroquinone 4% cream with a facial moisturizer reduce its effectiveness or can I use them together in the morning?

Hello, doctors! I recently started using Hydroquinone 4% cream for some acne marks on my cheeks. My problem is that my skin has been feeling dry from using this cream and not... READ MORE

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I agree with Beachgrl456. I think you would be a great candidate for fillers. They can do magic. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had a complication after my breast augmentation surgery also, and was having a really hard time coping. You're so strong, an inspiration to all of us. Keep us posted on your progress. :) :) READ COMMENT

Thank you for your story. Don't let people's judgemental attitudes get to you. Those women who treat you like crap are just feeling threatened and jealous. Smh... not your fault you have big breasts. READ COMMENT

You look great! I just had a revision surgery myself with a similar issue. Please keep us updated on your progress. :) :) READ COMMENT