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Questions from ioanna

Why would a surgeon extend the incision outward vs. down and outward within the crease for upper blepharoplasty?

I had surgery 3 days ago. Stitches have yet to be removed. Will this leave a visible scar. READ MORE

Is this a normal incision for cosmetic blepharoplasty? Why would my Dr extend into the brow vs. the crow ft? (photo)

Will this scar? I am 48 and I had excess skin and a bit of droop in the outer corner of my eye, but nothing major. I am concerned about this incision extending into the brow vs... READ MORE

Upper bleph cosmetic surgery-10 days post op. Why do I have this weird fold (center/eye)? (photo)

Will it go away, or how can I fix it? My surgeon created a very poor incision that did not follow the natural crease of my eye. The incision extended into the brow area vs the... READ MORE

Upper Cosm Bleph - 14 post op. I have a weird fold on one eye. Is it due to a poor incision? Is this normal? (photo)

Will it go away? My doctor created a lateral incision that extends to my brown and not to the preferred crow's foot area. I am wondering if this has called this fold. READ MORE

Upper Bleph & Browplex- Are all browplex done with endotine or are some done strictly with sutures?

Also can you tell me if the blepharoplasty incisions extend more laterally into the brow vs the crows feet with a browplex? READ MORE

Can I microneedle my upper blepharoplasty scar that extends to my brow?

I have odd incisions that extend above the crows feet area and out to my brow.  If so, how many months after surgery? How often? READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty, 6 weeks post op. Can I start laser treatments on lid and extended scars or only on extended scars?

48 years old, left eye seems more indented on the extended scar. Right eye above the lid scar is raised. READ MORE

Is microneedling good for scars 1 year post-op from upper bleph?

Is microneedling good for scars? I am 1 year post op with extended scars that reach to the brow from upper bleph surgery. I hear microneedling is better than llaser. READ MORE