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Botox for Gummy Smile - Should Have Done This Years Ago!! - Lebanon, PA

I've been getting botox injections in my forehead for years. I love it and think it is a great thing. I have always been bothered by my crooked, gummy smile -- despite having naturally pretty full lips. I am, so far SO pleased with the results of this treatment. The technician did three shots and they did hurt quite a bit (more than botox in the foreheard or eye area). The effect is quite... READ MORE

She is the Best! - Pittsburgh, PA

I was in my late 30s with major Post baby body issues. So, i had tummy tuck that was a full even though I was in between a mini and a full....I have my pre baby body back and then some. The flattest belly, beautiful belly buttoskit he thinnest low scar and a tiny waist. I went from spongebob squarepants to Jessica rabbit! Lol. My husband can't keep his hands off me! Here are some pictures... READ MORE

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Yes this is after Botox. A gummy smile is that my lips were naturally full but when I smiled my lips pulled up really far and disappeared, showing gums. A little Botox there (it's like 4-6 units I think) under the nose at he top of... READ COMMENT

It would be helpful because I actually had tried filler in my upper lip years ago and it didn't fix the problem at all and I didn't need fuller lips. I figured out eventually what I needed but it was hard to find a technician who knew... READ COMMENT

Yes -- that is exactly what it does for me. My upper lip used to disappear when I smiled even though my lips are full (you can see from the picture). Now it's like I cannot raise it as far and it doesn't curl under. I notice that I... READ COMMENT

I can add some after pictures probably. Pros and cons -- really not too many cons except she is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, so she is not as central as the other top plastic surgeons (McCafferty, Liang, Russavitch). ... READ COMMENT