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Fat Graft Along Cheek and Under Eyes

I recently had fat added underneath my eye and along the cheek by lipoinfiltration and am very unsatisfied with the results. all the fat has not remained and the areas in which it did remain now looks lumpy.Can all the fat that has been grafted under the eye and cheek area by lipoinfiltation be removed? READ MORE

Questions from telol

Has my Nasal Tip Been Lifted Naturally or Has It Been Lifted by Surgeon?

Prior to surgery, doctor and I discussed to carve down hump, narrow width and tip of nose, without rotation of tip. After surgery, tip looks very lifted. Doctor said he lifted... READ MORE

Can Droopiness of Nasal Tip Be Addressed by Correction of Nasolabial Fold or by Fat Injection?

As we age, as the nasolabial fold becomes depressed, the upper lip rises, therefore decreasing the angle between the upper lip and the tip of nose- the angle which you refer to... READ MORE

Hollowness Around Nose Makes It Appear Bigger

I have hollow cheeks/eyes, and area around my mouth is hollow. The hollowness seems to make my nose look larger from the sides and droopier. Can projection and droopiness be... READ MORE

Skin Around Nose Has Gotten Darker After Rhinoplasty

During 6 month period after rhinoplasty surgery, I wore spf 15 sunsreen whenever I went out in the sun - I realize now that spf value was too low. Its been 1 year since surgery... READ MORE

Possible to Correct Nasolabial Fold and Not Raise Nasal Tip?

I am interested in getting my nasolabial fold corrected most likly by injection. From my knowledge, the correction may lead the nasal tip to rise a bit. If that's the case, I... READ MORE

Dent Above the Nasal Tip After Rhinoplasty

Hi, after my rhinoplasty I noticed there is a depression or dent along the top of the nasal tip. My doctor has said he let the tip lift naturally. What can be possible causes... READ MORE

Effects of Massaging on Nose After Rhinoplasty

Hello, I had rhinoplasty and year ago to slightly carve the hump of my nose, reduce the width of my nose, and reduce the width of the nasal tip. Since 6 months after the... READ MORE

Effect of Massaging on Nasal Tip After Rhinoplasty

I have been massaging the tip of my nose with quite some force since the 6th week period of the rhinoplasty date. It is now an year since the surgery date (therefore i have... READ MORE

Can I Wait to Fix an Open Roof Deformity After Rhinoplasty?

I had surgery an year ago. When I feel the nose at the top where the surgeon slightly carved the hump down, I feel that I have an open roof deformity. I would rather wait to... READ MORE

Can Massaging Tip of Nose Have a Negative Effect After Rhinoplasty?

I started massaging the tip of my nose since the 6 week period following the surgery, which I am starting to regret Would that have any negitive effects on the tip? What are... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Be Removed After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had rinoplasty an year ago. Some scar tissue developed since the surgery has remained along the top of my nose where the humps been carved down, at the sides of my nose... READ MORE

CT Scan Results For Sinus Infection. Will He Know I Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, where I had my nose narrowed (walls and tip), had a hump removed, and had the tip straigtened. Recently, my ENT specialist has ordered a CT... READ MORE