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Hi there, I'm noticing this horrific wrinkle on the side of my mouth. When I pull the side of my face back it goes away? (photo)

Will juvederm be too thick to fill it? Restylane, boletero? Any lasers that will eradicate it? My body can't handle Botox, too many horrific side effects, and I am on a budget.... READ MORE

Does the vampire facelift PRP really work? Is it practitioner dependent?

I have severe thermage damage, fat loss, etc will this benefit the damaged tissue and plump? It's V expensive, so I wouldn't want to waste my money. READ MORE

I love the way fat injections look when done right, but there are so many unhappy people. Is it 100 practitioner dependent?

Also where in the face can you do fat injections? I'm hearing mixed things. I need forehead, under eye, buccal area (bad thermage) READ MORE

Do I need to melt old filler before fat grafting?

I'd really like to see where I'm at without it, especially since I have some tyndall effect and a bit of bagging under the eyes. Id like to start fresh. Is this a bad idea? READ MORE

I need forehead, filler. I'm scared of going blind. If this were to happen it would be immediate?

Or could it happen months,or years later? I'm thinking fat injections. Does it,depend on the,viscosity of the product or just placement? READ MORE

Do you know where I can review B/A pics from people who had bad laser and were repaired?

I have fat loss and damage from thermage. I'd like to see other thermage patients who had the same problem and we're repaired, as opposed to just looking at before and afters. READ MORE

I have this padding on my face. How can you get rid of this? (Photo)

I'm too young for a facelift , and I don't think I need a lower bleph, but I want bone to show like it used to instead of padding under the eye . Here's a pic, not me, but look... READ MORE

Has anyone healed from Thermage damage? I was considering all therapy, but that sounds twice as bad.

I lost all the fat on my face and I lost all my self esteem, I was a beautiful woman. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do or who I'm supposed to talk to you after severe... READ MORE

Does anyone know the best antidepressants for botched laser (Thermage, Ultherapy, Fraxel)?

I never thought that this could happen and it has. To many women , apparently. Are there any physicians who know how to go about this? Life must go on, but my looks were a big... READ MORE

Would PRP injections help for the fat and muscle layer under the skin?

I guess I'm in this club now. Women ruined by Thermage, fraxel, ultherapy, ipl, etc UGH Does anyone have any anewers out there? This is aesthetically unacceptable. READ MORE

I look like hell after Thermage. Any healing advice? Ultherapy, Sculptra? PRP?

I'm desperate here. Why is everyone selling you this stuff as if it was an ice pop, and the minute your life us ruined ypu can't get an answer? Ultherapy sounds just as bad.... READ MORE

Could patients damaged by radio frequency, lasers, and ultherapy ( scalp, nerve damage) be healed faster with HGH?

Or other supplements. There's a lot of the following that have skin damage, fat loss, etc. Would hgh speed that recovery? READ MORE

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It's a horror movie. I had similar. How are you coping? I hope your okay. Too many lives over. READ COMMENT

They got us right where they want us if you show any weakness. Get ENRAGED . Take spiritual action. Tale advantage of the internet. They want us to go soft and disappear. DON'T . You know what my mother says? "Hit em where it hurts,... READ COMMENT

Yes. It's like when a woman gets raped. SAME thing. That's how MEN ( where all our money goes at the end of the day from fillers and surgery ) can blame US and keep going. They guilt us for being vain and WE not only bought into it... READ COMMENT

This came up in my notices from this website. I am ruined off of Thermage and Ultherapy became my hero fantasy for a few months to lift and fill in the collagen . I researched the hell out of it and it sound awfil. I don't want to look... READ COMMENT

I know so many women ruined by thermage and ultherapy. I just met with the top surgeon in NYC and they gave away their ultherapy machine (110K) because volume loss risks. Also said you need 2 treatments with half the lines and they... READ COMMENT