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Yes. Been saving 3 years...it's like dream. Recently divorced so can't wait to get back out there and live an extraordinary life..giving back to others :) good luck everyone signing out ;) READ COMMENT

..and the one thing ..nothing looks or tastes as good as skinny feels..it's soooo worth it! Yeah! Fist pump!! Lol! READ COMMENT

Day after surgery they led me around. I'm injecting a blood thinner from doc too.. You will feel weird walking but use that med pump as you walk.. You won't feel a thing ;) READ COMMENT

I am working from home tomorrow for next 3 days. Then back to work next Monday.. I think by then I will be ready but I'm resting in bed all day everyday till then. Helping myself. Get folks to take your kids. You will need the rest and... READ COMMENT

Go to movies and try not to dwell ..the pain isn't the pain you think. Mine is more from lying on my back. I sleep on tummy so it's uncomfortable. It does get better daily, I promise. You'll be fine. Breathe x READ COMMENT