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David Stoker Cares Too Much Anout Money, but He Did a Good Lipo - Marina Del Rey, CA

I was going to get lipo done, but decided to do a revision nose job too as it was cheaper all together. At the day of the surgery they got me to do 2 more procedures. My nose was 6 months post op and he said its fine (you have to wait at least a year), plus the surgery took about 8 hours, which is not good for the body. Lipo was great but he made a mistake citting too much cartilage from my... READ MORE

Kenneth Hughes Lipo&Rhinoplasty Review. Have Results but Not Satisfied - Culver City, CA

He didn`t make me ugly but i`m not satisfied with the amount of fat he removed(my thighs are smaller, but still the shape i was going to get rid of), i asked to remove more fat from my upper(vs lower) abs, but he said he would remove equal amount, otherwise it would look ugly, and now i wish i insisted on removing more. my arms were not greatly reduced in size, and he left bumps on my flanks,... READ MORE

Questions from Sashaspmm

Fat transfer to lips revision - Lips haven't gone down yet - Will they? (Photos)

I had a second round fat lip transfer 3,5 days ago, and what scares me is that for the last 2 days the lips almost didn`t reduce in size (after the first one my lips greatly... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty, no decrease in size between 2 and 8 months. When will I see a change? (Photo)

My surgeon said he cut pretty decent amount, but i feel like the tip is still huge and is only dropping down with time. I know it takes years, can i hope it will become... READ MORE

Facelift option when I'm 26? (Photo)

Hi! I don't like the skin on my chicks aroundmy mouth (don`t know the actual term for that area), but i`m only 26. I already have radiesse and i like it and want to do buccial... READ MORE

Fat Transfer from legs to buttocks for a square-shape fit butt, is this possible? (photos)

Is it possible to transfer fat from outer thighs and back thighs(under the buttocks)? i also would like to do lipo on my inner thighs, back and arms but i already had it done... READ MORE

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Also I thought I'd mention that my current doc doesn't take money for his own revision, I don't think you see it veey often READ COMMENT

All that ideal nose pictures you`re so much prettier than them! READ COMMENT

I`m sure a lot of women wont understand your decision, they look sooo beautiful and natural. and think of new surgery risks READ COMMENT

Most breast implants look ugly (i would say 95-99%). yours are one of the very few that look natural and sexy. at least on that picture READ COMMENT

I did secod lipo on my thighs. it does look amazing. i did it on my upper abdomen and now when i bent it looks so much better than after the irst one. the same about my arms and it seems like my back (i have excessive skin there) is... READ COMMENT