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Sorry about your experience. There are only a handful of Doctors in American that have the proper training and experience using rib. Those top docs are mostly using rib before ear. If you go to a Dr. that knows what he is doing, you... READ COMMENT

Congrats, you look great! Can I ask you if he used your cartilage or had to use rib, ear etc? READ COMMENT

His name is Dr. Rick Davis in Miramar Florida. He has many years experience and has all the credentials you have to have to get the best results. His artistic ability is amazing. He travels around the world a lot lecturing on the topic.... READ COMMENT

I only have stated facts that can be backed up. What's the sense in you deleting true messages, that is doing a huge disservice to people who need to know which drs. are good and which to stay away from. That's a shame.... READ COMMENT