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Wow! Can't believe you were exercising at 15 days po. Did your doc give the ok? I am hoping to at least be able to walk on a treadmill at 2 weeks post op. You are giving me hope. I spend 5-6 days at the gym and know I'm gonna miss it... READ COMMENT

I'm scheduled for Dec. 20. We are similar in build. We are are gonna look so hot! Lol I've been considering adding BA as well but I think I'm gonna just wait till next summer to see if I'm still wanting it. Go for it all if you can!!! READ COMMENT

My stomach looks very similar (worse actually) and I'm scheduled for Dec. 20th. I've had a few family members make me feel bad but you know what? People who don't have this problem don't F ing understand. Especially MEN!!! When you... READ COMMENT