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Thanks for your reply Sarah. I guess were the unlucky ones that did not have good results and ended up with lots of hardened lumps in our buttocks. Mine are mostly right in the middle on both buttocks and on the sides. I do know the... READ COMMENT

Sarah I don't know about you but wanted to tell you I was never told to massage my buttocks after 3 weeks once a week but honestly maybe they changed this policy because so many had hard lumps after or maybe it would have happened... READ COMMENT

I know it's been over a month since your procedure pochantas but wanted to tell you like Sarah above I too (posted in another area on real self) went to CE and had Dr Morales too. I don't know in the end what to say as some this... READ COMMENT

I am another testimony to diymooRae and her story with similar effects although luckily not life threatning. I went to CE many times in the past for my face and the pmma worked well in that area. Even had some put in my elbows, knees... READ COMMENT