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Chin Liposuction

6 Dec 2016, Created 6 months ago

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I had an awesome experience today. My 3rd procedure with Doctor Hughes and my results are amazing even with all this swelling. He responded to all my emails himself... His staff is comfortable and amazing. I have an anxiety disorder and I didn't think I could do this but here I am hours later and wanted to come on here and give anyone who is "Doctor Shopping" my opinion... I have been please... READ MORE

Treatment Review

awesome Job

Chin Liposuction

6 Dec 2016, Created 6 months ago

I am 1 day post op I just wanted to come on here to show my before and after for anyone that is considering. It was a smooth surgery. I didn't feel much pain (numbing was the most uncomfortable) the chin strap I have seen people write about is not even that super tight so you don't feel a... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the Big Day - Culver City, CA (AGAIN 11/3/2014 round 2!)

I have been on the website for a long time... I habe had a consult with Dr. J in GA but I didn't want to travel to another state. I met with Dr.Hughes and he made the process very easy and convenient for me. Financing was simple, great reviews, promising results. I scheduled my surgery in about 2 weeks from the 1st time I met him. I want a HUGE bubble butt... I will post pics soon. I am... READ MORE

Questions from rm77

Financing in-house for BBL?

Does anyone do in-house financing? Ive applied through carecredit only got approved for a small amount. Looking for any in-house financing options not so credit driven...... READ MORE

How easy is it to achieve a bubble butt look not just a wide look but the actual scoop look on the bottom? (photo)

I really want a bubble I am 196 5'3 I have had lipo before and had great results. I want a bubble. READ MORE

Bbl 2nd time... will more fat survive?

I had a bbl done and yes ive had amazing results so far... l know i'm going to lose fat as the weeks go on... the second time around will more fat survive? I am considering... READ MORE

Where does the scar for a back rolls surgery go? Is there only one?

How long does it take for the scar to heal and how long before I can get a tattoo over it? What's the price range of this surgery? I've had liposuction on my back maybe 4 times... READ MORE

Can twilight sedation be used in place of local anesthesia during chin lipo? (Photo)

I have a chronic anxiety disorder I already take oral medicine (Xanax) daily 4 times a day. 05MG each dose. I want to know if twilight sedation is an option and by how much... READ MORE