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You look fantastic! May I ask how tall you are? I love the implant size you got. I want a small implant but it seems they still suggest 350ish, which doesn't seem all that small to me! What was your before bra size? Excellent results! READ COMMENT

Thank you! I just saw your last post and we have almost exact stats except I'm a bit higher on the fat to muscle ratio, lol! So this is really great for me to see your progress and results. I am surprised you didn't need muscle... READ COMMENT

I appreciate your posting photos of your breast lift! I'm a large b right now and really leaning towards just a lift. Just can't wrap my mind around the worry and ongoing thought required with implants. It is difficult to find photos... READ COMMENT

Great review and it looks like you will have amazing results! READ COMMENT

I've been considering Dr. Yates and my stomach looks pretty similar to yours prep. I'm excited to follow your progress! What makes the mini different than the full? no muscle work at all? Hope you are feeling better quickly! READ COMMENT