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My nose is currently fractured because of self harm since i was always bullied as a kid about it.What should i do?

Now my nose has bone and cartilage in the wrong areas.I feel it and the side bones are stuck in the middle with the middle bone.It has busing.I have such a hard time with it... READ MORE

I am 18 my nose is broken because of self harm, as I was bullied.Its hard to go to school get a job live a normal life?

I went to go see a plastic surgeon at the university to see if i could get reconstructive surgery by a resident at a lower price.The doctor said i needed a septorhinoplasty,i... READ MORE

I'm an 18 year boy who struggles with his fractured nose we don't have health insurance and was turned down by CareCredit?

I don't have health insurance and need a septorhinoplasty,i have a deviated septum,we went to the university to see if a resident could do my surgery for less,the doctor said... READ MORE

19 need Septorhinoplasty, but I don't qualify for insurance. what should I do?

I am a 19 year old male that has a broken nose because I was beat up in the 6th grade.I have been bullied for years.I followed the advice of a doctor on this web site and went... READ MORE

Can a nose be crooked from the outside without being broken?

3 weeks ago I got a Septorhinoplasty and Turbinate reduction but I had a small accident in the shower nother major nor painfull.after a few days I noticed my nose felt crooked... READ MORE

Septorinoplasty at Keizer. Will shaving down the bridge make me have a wider nose brige, which I don't want? (Photo)

A month ago I had a Septorinoplasty at Keizer after about six years of having my nose broken and fasial trauma.After swelling went down I noticed that my right side of my nasal... READ MORE