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I Got My Flat Stomach Back on 11/6/2013 ... TWO YEARS Later!

I had twins in August 2011. They were 7 lbs 12 oz and 6 lbs 4 oz. I carried full term and delivered vaginally. They really did a number on my stomach muscles and stomach skin. I also lost 70 lbs on Weight Watchers after they were born. I am 5'9" and weigh 153 lbs. I had my tummy tuck with... READ MORE

Questions from AmyS33

Is HIP swelling common after a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and NO lipo?

I had a full tummy tuck 3 days ago (with muscle repair) and noticed that my hips are very swollen. I did NOT have lipo. All the research I am doing on message boards, I seem to... READ MORE

When Will I see Results From My Full Tummy Tuck With Muscle Repair and When Will I Fit Into My Pre-op Jeans Again? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair on 11/6/13. I did NOT have Lipo (I am at my ideal weight of 153 lbs at 5'9"). I look at my new shape and it's not much different than... READ MORE

How long does it take for a small (less than 10 cc's) seroma to dissolve?

My mons pubis (after a full tummy tuck with muscle repair) is a small waterbed. I push on it and the waves ripple through my mons pubis. A TINY bit goes up my sides. My surgeon... READ MORE

Is it normal for swelling to START 6 weeks out after a tummy tuck? (I didn't really have any before).

My swelling was pretty minimal after my tummy tuck (with full muscle repair) and kept going down. I did not need Lipo. At 5 weeks I was SO flat. At 6 weeks however, I ballooned... READ MORE

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When did your pubic mound swelling go down after a tummy tuck?

I am 3 weeks post from my tummy tuck with muscle repair.  My pubic mound looks like a Ken Doll!  I can't stand it.  If this happened to you, how long did it take... READ MORE

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You look wonderful! You know, I tried on my favorite work pants (you can see a pic in my ridiculously massive review of two years) and see that they didn't fit me about 8 - 10 days after surgery. It's swelling. It'll go away! But... READ COMMENT

They call it the elevator because you imagine a horizontal elevator moving horizontally all the way back to your spine..... READ COMMENT

Do research online about Tupler Technique. Your trainer is probably going to tell you that it's crazy. BUT, you will see for yourself, like I did, that if you continue crunches, planks, and sit ups after a tummy tuck, you WILL poof out!... READ COMMENT

Hi! Ok, so people who get lipo with a TT usually have extra fat on the waist and/or flanks (hips). I did not have that (I don't mean to sound snobby here!). Anyway, I just needed those muscles tightened and the skin cut off and... READ COMMENT