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It took 6 months for the tip swelling to go away and it still reduced up to a year. Leave it a alone! x READ COMMENT

Hi honey, it looks like they have filed too much of your bridge causing it to look quite wide. I am having the same issue and going to request a further revision... i have a hump on my bridge following a horrific operation and... READ COMMENT

Hiya, i'm not sure it should look like that. You should go back to your doctor - he should have told you to massage it to prevent this happening x READ COMMENT

Hmmm. It shouldn't look like that honey... Have you been back to your doctor? You should have been told to massage it to prevent it fusing to the skin. :( READ COMMENT

Hi, please try not to worry. I have just had corrective surgery on my nose after a year. Your nose still looks very swollen - my swelling did not go away until about 6months because of the amount of work done. The pic taken from below... READ COMMENT