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Looking Ahead in Southern, California!

Hard to believe my procedure date is just 5 days away. I'm approaching it with excitement and a dash of anxiety for good measure ;) I developed early and have very vivid, very unpleasant memories of being teased in Elementary, Middle and High school. My mother was barely a B cup and my sister, who is younger and taller, is just a full B. Who knows why I was "blessed" with such a large... READ MORE

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Bras... after your operation

I have a new bestest, most favoritest (haha) post op bra. It's the Bali Comfort Revolutions Smart Size Wireless Bra 3484 and is sold lots of places. A quick entry into Google... READ MORE

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Best wishes for a successful surgery! READ COMMENT

I'm not going to argue any points at all. I won't continue read/reply. Sorry you're unhappy. Hopefully it gets better. READ COMMENT

I would like to clear up one basic point. I paid for my ENTIRE surgery out of pocket so please don't think my feelings are related to "gee insurance paid for it so why do I care". That's totally NOT the case at all. It was nine... READ COMMENT

Alright, count me as the odd-woman-out in this one. I'm 3.5 months post op, I don't know how much was removed and long ago I stopped caring (like around week 2). I honestly don't care how much was removed because A) I can't go and... READ COMMENT

I have to say I'm absolutely, completely astounded at the BS response your PS gave about your nipples being inverted. Do *you* have any GOOD pics of your nipples prior to the surgery because his statement "They were inverted before, I... READ COMMENT