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Bye Bye Bassett Hound Eyes! - Edina, MN

After 14 consultations I finally settled on a Facial Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Hildger in Minneapolis, Mn. In 3 short hours he turned the clock back 20 years for me. Even bruised and swollen I can tell the results are going to be fabulous. I was worried that he would be too conservative and not take... READ MORE

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Try a homeopathic remedy called Hypericum @ 30c - I took it following surgery to help with nerve regrowth and it totally blew out my Botox. Essentially that's what botox does it is blocks receptors so muscles don't get the signal and... READ COMMENT

I had the same thing! I think it's normal a the tissue goes thru the normal healing stages - the more trauma the longer the healing you end up with this circus of healing based on degree of tissue trauma. So strange for me... READ COMMENT

Both of mine got weak - one more than the other. My left eye was actually pulling away from the eye itself. I found comfort during that time in viewing the hundreds of ectropion repair photos on Occulo-plastic websites - including... READ COMMENT

Hey, finally Sallify...same thing happened to me - but it healed up. My lower lids got really weak and saggy, then miraculously they tightened back up. I thought I was ectropion-ing - but no. It does look red and swollen. Which could... READ COMMENT

Thanks everyone! Appreciate this forum and all of you so much! @ Ncnet - my left upper lid feels like it got tacked down back to far into the socket so when I open my eye - that skin disappears deeper into the socket. Also it feels... READ COMMENT