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How long does bruising take to go?

Hello, i had restylane in tear troughs... and then after 1 month i had a follow up appoint to put in more restylane as i was not satisfied as needed to be filled more..... its... READ MORE

Discolouration and what seems to be lumps 3 weeks 2 days after Restylane in tear troughs, is this normal?

I had restylane put into my TT. I had them done 1st and the Dr used 1 syringe for both eyes. I then come back after 1 mth for more as I felt they were not filled enough. The Dr... READ MORE

Is it normal to have this (see pic) 3 wks 4 days after restylane in Tear troughs? Will it get better or is there a problem?

After both eyes healing well I went back 1 mth later to have more restylane put in both TT (slightly more in the left). They both swelled and bruised pretty bad the 2nd time... READ MORE

How long before an overfilled tear trough (with restylane) start to look not overfilled?

I had restylane 2 months ago in my tear troughs. Whilst i'm happy with one eye, he overfilled the other one and it looks terrible! How long before i see an improvement in the... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a medium chemical peel 4 mths after restylane in TT? Will this help pigmentation caused by injection?

I had restylane about 2mths ago. I was happy with 1 eye but he over filled the other. I have decided to wait it out (max a year) and hopefully it will resolve itself. I want to... READ MORE

Hyalase to melt restylane - What are the side effects please?

I had restylane 7 months ago in tear trough.1 eye just didn't turn out good..and it still looks bad now- Is it safe to use Hyalase to melt it away? will it have any side... READ MORE

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How long will it take before overfilled tear trough looks normal ..and not so overfilled anymore? (filled with restylane)

I had restylane put in my tear troughs for the very first time 3 months ago... it all went really well and 1 month after this appointment I went back to add a little bit more... READ MORE

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FB - you don't know how much reading your past posts has helped me! I had resty put in my tear troughs 2 months ago (1st time ever mincing around with needles and such).... its not swelling like some here have said ... my right eye is... READ COMMENT