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Good luck Ellie! X READ COMMENT

I can't wait to see your results! The op will arrive before you know it. You're a beautiful girl and you're going to look stunning! Looking forward to seeing pics in a few weeks :) a water bottle with bendy straw and a travel pillow... READ COMMENT

Great stuff! Glad you are feeling well. I was so relieved that the packing in my nose was disolvable... until it came out via my mouth in big bloody chunks on day six. In hindsight it prob would've been better to have it removed by... READ COMMENT

Excellent! That must be a relief for you, because you'd assume if anyone is goong to notice then family would be the ones. I'm seeing my parents on Monday, so hopefully they will be the same :) READ COMMENT

Mine is only noticeably different from the side, so I deleted the (very few!!) profile views that other ppl posted of me (I would never have posted side shots). My plan is to continue in the same manner- front shots only so no one can... READ COMMENT