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My left lower eye lid feels hard to the touch while the right eye had more watery bag which is getting better?

I'm worried that it will not go away. It's been little over 3 weeks. I was told is deep tissue that's swollen. READ MORE

Will the dentition fill up again? How can I fix the left eye? (photo)

A little over a month my PS injected my left eye to minimize the fat graft overfill on my left eye. No only my left eye still puffy now it has a dent around it. My PS says that... READ MORE

Separation of eye lid from eye ball (Photo)

I had a revision to remove exess fat under my eye. I had to much fat and atrophy due to injections. Now my lower eye lid looks better but I have a separation of my eyelid and... READ MORE

Can my droopy eye lid be fixed? (Photo)

Revisit ion surgery was on 1-8-15. After a couple of weeks ps put a stitch to keep my lower eye lid up (6 weeks) it's been little over two weeks I see some improvements but eye... READ MORE

What can I do for the eyelid margin to be restored to proper position? (Photo)

I had 2nd lower bleph in January 8, 2015 after my ps melted exes fat and caused a disfiguration. The eye lid had severe separation and he stitched for 2 months. The eye lid... READ MORE

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It's been almost a year for me. I only iced for little over a week. My results had not been great. I have to go back on September 25th. Best wishes to you. READ COMMENT

So after 7 months like in my case the fat grafting lump under my left eye has no hope? You mentioned 3-4 months to resolve. I have not going back to see the dr as I'm not confident to undergo another surgery. What can I do? READ COMMENT

It's been 7 months for me and my left eye still swollen. Although it's better I'm sad and discourage to the point of not wanting to see people who know me before the surgery. I haven't see the dr. since my 3rd months as I'm not sure I... READ COMMENT

My left eye is still swollen after 7 months. I'm unhappy but everyone says I look good. No one can understand how I feel. READ COMMENT

Is it normal to have swelling "hard" under one eye after surgery after almost a month? The right side looks better. I had fat injections as well. Very worried. READ COMMENT