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You look great. Love your cute swimsuit top. READ COMMENT

You look wonderful! Happy healing to you! :) READ COMMENT

I hope you're feeling better! You have been through a lot and so have your boobies! Give it more time to get adjusted to your new body. Your boobs have done what they were intended to do and that is provide food for your kids. ;) READ COMMENT

Hello, I hope you are healing well! I think your tatas look great! I was as small or smaller than you when I got mine 13 years ago. I'm so ready to be natural because I too have so much pain all in my body, chest pain, neck pain, breast... READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm new to this site and I hope that you are really enjoying the new you. You look wonderful. I got mine 13 years ago and I am ready to get them out and not look back. I, like you were am scared that I have botched up my body and... READ COMMENT