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It's a process I guess. But you look amazing. I love love love your boobs. (I must sound like a weirdo LOL). And your tummy is so flat. So happy for you. :-) READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! And have an extra slice for me please. I almost want a BBL just so I can eat like you. But my objective is to shrink. LOL READ COMMENT

Love this post Ms. Thickness. LMAO!!! You're eating the way I dream I could. I love breakfast tacos!! So jealous. Thanks for your update on coping. You made my spirits soar. Such a sweetheart you are. And I think I will be having a... READ COMMENT

Ha!!! I have four kids too!! We are so in tune. LOL I guess its just the mother thing where we always put our kids first. But I like your Mother's Day Gift idea. I'm gonna bring it up to my boys. Each one needs to pay up for each... READ COMMENT