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Questions from NeckTroubles

I am 43, have slight jowels, neck laxness, acne, neck hypopigmentation? (photo)

How do I treat these, in which order - what are costs? I'm having breakthrough acne on differin, finacia, and metronidazole. I was dxed with rosacea and tho I get red patches... READ MORE

Received 1 treatment for spider veins on my nose, one side bruised. How likely is hypopigmentation? (photo)

I am concerned because my skin hypopigments easily, and I have two dots from the laser applicator -- they are quite red. I also wasn't told not to use glycolic acid acne pads... READ MORE

43-years-old, vertical neck bands. I have a connective tissue disorder. Which procedure is best? (Photo)

I saw a cosmetic surgeon who said that he didn't think he could do anything at this time because I have almost no fat in my face/neck and have no looseness anywhere but my neck... READ MORE

I had one treatment of VBeam done for nose capillaries. I now have damage and am devastated. Is there any hope? (Photo)

Had one VBeam treatment exactly 3 mos. ago. He used 8 joules. The side of my nose blistered. Despite Vaseline, the area scabbed, crusting esp. over sebaceous filaments. Large... READ MORE

My face is aging from weight loss and age. I have Ehlers Danlos. What are my options? (Photo)

I am 45. Until 3 months ago, I had a youthful face. I've lost weight over the last year, about 20 pounds. I weight 105 and am 5'2.5". Lines around my mouth are forming that... READ MORE

Liposuction for Outer Thighs in Middle-Aged Patient with Ehlers-Danlos?

I've appreciated answers I've gotten: thanks. I gained a few lbs to fill out my face. That worked, but the rest went to my thighs (saddlebags). I've fought this for yrs. I'd... READ MORE