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From Beauty to the Beast...well,precisely to the Pig! - Slovenia

So here we ho again,I am twenty and I already had a boob job done,long time ago. I was just a kid not even 16 years old,and no,this wasn't just a whim,I basically had no boobs,and it was as terrible as you can imagine. The surgery went just perfect and my life got better,let alone self esteem! I was now "complete" . I was doing pretty much of what a socialite does so everything was fine and I... READ MORE

Questions from LittleCatastrophe

Stressed & depressed. I'm ashamed of my "new" nose. Will it be possible to correct? (photos)

I had my first rhinoplasty done almost 3months ago. Im dissatisfied w/ the result.Asymmetry, nostrils different shapes,hanging columella (not sure of this but so it seems to... READ MORE

I have a small chin and possible retrognathia. What would you recommend? (photos)

Hi. I think I have retrognathia, as I can clearly see that there is a problem with jaw alignment,teeth don't meet and It's difficult to open my mouth, bad that I didn't find... READ MORE

Which chin filler - Radiesse, Sculptra or Voluma? Quantity?

Hi. For a chin augmentation are fillers enough to see some improvement? If so, which one is best? Radiesse, Sculptra or Voluma? And how many ml are needed on average? Thanks in... READ MORE

Nose/Chin FAIL. What do you think of the outcome? (Photo)

Hello and thanks for reading. So, after asking on here, yesterday I had Radiesse injected in my chin, 0,8ml as the doctor stated it was enough. What do you think of the... READ MORE

BEST Lip filler? I've been fooled

Which lip filler is better? Is it true that after few times u use fillers lips change shape and don't go back to how they previously were? (Which I'd wish) Already had 2... READ MORE

Buttocks: aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery? (Photo)

Im 20 and I've always had a nice derrière...but recently more&more stretch marks & a dimple formed.I feel hopeless.I already had 10sessions of carboxytherapy but the only ... READ MORE

Lips Injection while unknowingly pregnant, doctor used Hyacorp filler, should I be concerned? (photo)

Hello! I had lips injection at around 10 weeks of pregnancy, later discovered. I know you're not supposed to do any treatment but what are the real risks? Does it causes... READ MORE

Recent comments from LittleCatastrophe

Honey, I'm having technical problems w/ inbox I can read private messages on here but I'm not able to reply right now. I'd like to keep in touch with you,so if u want send me please your email (by private message of course :P) so we can... READ COMMENT

Please go read my reviews,almost same story here... Would like to get in touch with you! READ COMMENT

I freakin shouldn't have it done. I was not aware of all this complications. Now,do you think that they can't even temporary fix it with some kind of filler? Don't care about the money .... READ COMMENT

How long after your rhino did your nostrils evened out? I can't keep calm,I just can't READ COMMENT