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Options for Longer Lasting Wrinkle Fillers?

I have deep wrinkles but cannot have a Face Lift because I'm on blood thinners. What longer lasting wrinkle fillers would you recommend, like Artefill or something? Thanks. READ MORE

Why Would Restalyne Not Be Effective After 5 Days?

I had Restalyne injections 2 years ago and it lasted the average amount of time. I had Restalyne shots 5 days ago and once the swelling went down, I had the wrinkles on my... READ MORE

Injectables have not worked. What other procedures can you suggest?

I have tried Juvederm and Radiesse. When first injected, I look great. In a day or two I have the bruises ( which is expected) and am left with the same face wrinkles I came in... READ MORE

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I have been advised by several doctors that Sculptra should be done over time- not all at once. This was my holdback with Shino Bay as he wanted to do sculptra all at once. My understanding is that the injections should be done... READ COMMENT

I had the same reaction- only I spent $2000.00 and never really looked much different except my lips and sdes weren't even READ COMMENT

I would also like this information! Jackie READ COMMENT

Candice, can you e-mail me directly and tell me about Westine. Would like the procedure done with him but have questions. Thanks READ COMMENT

I am considering the Lifestyle Lift. I am 58 and have saggy skin and wrinkles. PLease give me as much input/feedback as you can on your experiences, ladies. What are the pros and cons to you? Thanks so much, jackiejoe READ COMMENT