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28 Years Old Female Derma-rolling for Acne Scars.

Hi I am 28 tears old female.I have moderate to severe hypertrophic acne scars.Skin type:- IV,V (light Brown) I had medical roll cit(Collagen Induction therapy)/derma rolling at doctor's clinic with 1.5 mm needle followed by hyaluronic acid and healing ointment. I also stated post care regimen(Retin- A at night) after 5 days of treatement. I see no improvement after 2 months.Any suggestions... READ MORE

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28 years old Male ,having moderate to severe hypertrophic acne scars.Skin type:- IV,V (light Brown) what kind of treatment?

I am 28 years old guy. I have a light brown skin. You can say skin type IV or V .I have hypertrophic acne scars. I was on accutane till feb 2013.I am looking for best available... READ MORE

Stem cell therapy, PRP followed by Fractionated co2 laser on skin type3/4 skin. severe to moderate deep acne scars.

Iamhaving rolling,depressed pitted scars. I have tried derma-rolling, subcision, punch excision(for box scars), and 2 fractionated co2 laser result is not impressive . Very... READ MORE

Does punch graft work for my acne scars? (Photo)

I have rolling,depressed pitted scars. Skin type (iV or V) light brown. I have tried derma-rolling, subcision, punch excision(for box scars more significant improvement than... READ MORE

Can I color non transplanted hair (sides) after hair transplant ?

I have gray hair on sides where hair is not transplanted or not donated from can I color that hair after one week of hair transplant? READ MORE

Bumped my head from the back side right after surgery?

I slightly bumped my backside of head ( almost 1 cm below crown ) right after surgery while getting into car . Will it damage or dislocate any grafts . Nurse said everything is... READ MORE

Rhythmic deep breathing meditation and strenuous workout 1 month post hair transplant.

Is it safe to do rythemic deep breathing meditation and strenuous high intensity workout after 1 month of FUE hair transplant surgery ? Does it affect graft survival or final... READ MORE

Can whey protein or amino acids trigger male pattern baldness or cause hair loss?

Can whey protein isolates or amino acides like l arginine or pycnogenol(nitric oxides) trigger male pattern baldness or cause hair loss ? READ MORE

Dietary supplements to alleviate side effects of propecia?

Are there any dietary supplements we can take to alleviate or prevent sexual side effects of propecia? READ MORE

PRP and ECM for hair loss?

Does ECM (Extracellular Matrix) and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for hair loss work ? Does it have any clinical data ? Is that a some kind of gimmick ? I am seeing lot... READ MORE

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I tried so many things after that and also spent so much money . Nothing works . I noticed slight improvement . I haven't seen wow result so far. Scars are noticeable in different lights .I also haven't seen evidence of dramatic... READ COMMENT

How come all good review never have before and after pictures?. READ COMMENT

Who was the doctor?.Atleast let us know where is he located? READ COMMENT