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Reducing nostril flare and changing "nostril angle"? (photo)

Hi, I am considering getting rhinoplasty. I am a male 18 years old. My biggest concerns are bulbous nose and wide flaring nostrils. Please have a look at the image attached. I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Questions about my wide, bulbous, flaring nose? (photo)

Hi, I am 19 and Indian background. I want to make my nose less bulbous? Would it make much difference to my nose? Does it look like I have thick skin? I want a thinner bone at... READ MORE

What is causing these weird nostrils to be asymmetric? (photo)

1. The nostrils seem like they are located at different vertical heights, I have never read about this before, some more information on this please? 2. What is causing the... READ MORE

Perfect eyelids in morning but they droop and get worse throughout the day. What causes this?

Hi, I've noticed when I wake up in the morning, my eyes are pretty much perfect and are not droopy but throughout the day they start to droop and get worse. This is the case... READ MORE

Are these Rhinoplasty results realistic? (photo)

Hi, I'm sorry not for including full face pictures, I would prefer to remain anonymous, I tried my best to reveal as much as possible. I'm just wondering if these results are... READ MORE

Do I need good pre-existing chin width to have a large terino style 2 chin implant?

I have a very masculine square jaw but the chin is the problem. It has about 35-38mm right to left length (horizontal). I want a terino style 2 large implant implant which has... READ MORE

Spots/bumps back of the neck. Is this acne? (Photo)

Please look at the pictures, I'm not sure what I should do about this? My doctors appointment is in 3 weeks! I hope this is not something that will scar me. I have Retin-A... READ MORE

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Thanks, Much appreciated! You had model tier aesthetics before the implant, you don't need to do anything with the face. Just make sure you don't lose the hair and you'll be golden for decades to come. I have done quite a bit of... READ COMMENT

Also, what implant did you get, and I was thinking of a terino style 2 square implant which is an extended anatomical implant.. I wonder if you got that too READ COMMENT

Hey, I was thinking of getting a chin implant because my chin is too small and not wide enough. Basically I want to achieve your pre-op chin. I have a face kind of like yours low body fat, everything is pretty defined the jawline,... READ COMMENT