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did not follow through with bbl

Hello ladies!!! I'm a mother of two and a wife of 14 years to my soul mate . After two kids an over indulging I'm ready to get this body right!! About 3 months ago a friend of my husbands his wife had her butt done by Jimmerson I was stunned an could not get her butt out of my head for two... READ MORE

i decided not to do bbl

So I've decided to do a tummy tuck revision. I had a tt about 4-5 years but had my second son about 14 months ago. The first time i had the tt I was completely satisfied with the results but hey anything was better than that saggy stretch mark mess I called a tummy. Well I want a BBL but want to... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck!!! This Mommy is Getting Her Sexy for Spring!!!! Waco, TX

Well let's just say I've been jumping all around realself trying to decide what I want to have done. I get all excited about a procedure then I go do a ton of research an change my mind. So first it was a BBL way to much recovery an too many horror stories I passed. Then I thought smart lipo... READ MORE

Questions from Nooonoo757

Will liposuction to my back be effective or is this mostly loose skin any recommendations? (photos)

I really want to minimize the fat rolls shown in my back but I'm afraid of making it worse by doing liposuction. I'm already scheduled for a tummy tuck but I hate my back area... READ MORE

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Mine fell off two days ago I haven't gotten approval to start the silicone sheets yet as I still have some scabbing. I just wear a camisole with the binder on top of it READ COMMENT

Mine did as well I had taken a shower an gotten a little bit of water trapped in it. I used a little bit of peroxide it didn't burn an then I used a blow dryer on the cool setting to make sure it stays dry in there. READ COMMENT

I honestly would just air on the side of caution an wait a couple more weeks just to be sure READ COMMENT

I def see a diff you look fantastic an most importantly I'm so happy that you are happy with your results READ COMMENT

Ouch that looks like a mosquito/tarantula bite wow! Sorry that's all I could come up with when insane the pic lol. As soon as I finished reading your advice about not sneezing I swear I sneezed hahaha but it was ok I didn't have the MR... READ COMMENT