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Any Tips? - Thailand, TH

I'm 19 years old, I'm very petite, 45kg. Barely an A cup. Looking to go for silicone, round 375cc, high profile :) Going to Thaliand to get my boobies in a few months! Yay! Is there any tips you guys can give me to make it easier? I've just bought bio oil to put on them hoping it'll make them stretch easier? Or even just help prevent stretch marks anyway! Excited! So I was reading a girls... READ MORE

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Your boobs are perfect! I Hope you don't mind if I use some Of them as my wish pics! :) READ COMMENT

Are you getting saline or silicone? Are you allowed silicone in Thailand at 18? READ COMMENT

I'm only 19 and I'm getting mine done in a few months! :) As long as you feel ready and have thought about it a lot, you should get them! :) READ COMMENT

I'm not telling my Mum until after, I love her very much but I don't want to be made to feel like I shouldn't be doing this. Tell whoever you want, whenever you want! This is for you so it should be how you want! Don't worry about... READ COMMENT