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Seriously girl, Your eyes was already very beautiful,but it is your right to get plastic. YOur birth eyes are long and is a good size. READ COMMENT

Please be very careful who you pick. I went to an oculoplasti surgeon only to find out he is inexperience & used me to gain experience. My story is the worst you will ever hear. I got loads of scars all over my eye area and outside... READ COMMENT

I would recommend don't touch it for days. Don't touch it until the stitches comes off. Use warm water to clean your eye area and just don't touch the stitches. READ COMMENT

My eyelid creases also have overlapping of skin. I didn't know how to described it until I read another article about something making that remark. I now live in the siliconvalley. Wonder if you live near, so I can show you my eyes. ... READ COMMENT

NOt all doctors are created equal. I trusted a quack to work on my eyelids. I thought if I go to an eye doctor with oculoplastic experience than I will be okay, but it is worst than my worst nightmare. I have loads of noticeable scars... READ COMMENT