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I desperately need orbital rim implants for a negative orbital vector (UK)

Pictures speak louder than words so please see my pic. I look like some kind of panda. I've been asked if I'm tired, or even straight-up told "you got eye bags". I usually have... READ MORE

Why aren't U.S. bleph surgeons replying to my emails?

Hi, Was it something I said? I thought I'd warn doctors that I: 1) may have a negative orbital vector, 2) am based in the UK, 3) am black (thicker skin type). Was this enough... READ MORE

So, U.S. surgeons GENERALLY don't operate on overseas patients?

Especially those with thicker skin types? I've been waiting for 2 months for a reply from some of the U.S. surgeons. Can anyone give me the name of any who are willing to... READ MORE

Where can I get medical tourism insurance in the USA (I'm from the UK)?

Hi, I am going to be flying to Los Angeles, California, USA on Sunday June 1st. I will be having blepharoplasty. I have everything set up. I have travel insurance. But am I... READ MORE

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By the way, I emailed your doc twice. READ COMMENT

I've emailed about 4 doctors in the USA now and none have replied. I guess they don't want to deal with international patients. It would be nice if they could reply one way or the other though. READ COMMENT

Hi, Imaca. I sent a message to your doc on his website, letting him know that 1) I'm in the UK, and 2) I'm black (because different skin types heal differently) and since then - a week ago - I've heard nada. He's either really busy or... READ COMMENT

All I can say is this is amazing. Do you think I would need the same surgery, i.e. are tear trough implants and lower orbital rim implants the same thing? I guess I will have to find out. It's such an improvement. Thanks for uploading pics. READ COMMENT