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So Far Damon Braces Has Been a Good Choice - Luxembourg

I was very scared of wearing braces, so scared I waited i was 38 before getting them. I was so worried of what people would think, of "getting off the train of life" for 1-2 years. Well, I was so silly! Now I've been wearing Damon braces for almost a year, and I realize people really do not care. Usually people actually react in an overly positive way, as if they think you must be very... READ MORE

Lipo - Rome, Italy

Yesterday at 9:30 I had liposuction, a forehead lift and rhinoplasty. No pain first day. I must have been still under the effects of the anasthetic. Now 36h later things are different. My legs are sore when i do e slightest movement. I am wearing a compression garment now 15-20% full of blood, but bleeding stopped last night. FaciL garment really itching under chin. No pain on face or nose.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Done 12hours Ago. - Rome, Italy

Rhinoplasty, forhead lift and leg liposuction done 12 hours ago. Rhinoplasty although at least until now not at all painful, the stuffed up feeling and continued bleeding is unpleasant. I have changed the "blood collecting" bottom plaster twice already and now it seems better. Simply I feel I cannot eat because I need to breathe instead and even drinking is not easy to get by without causing... READ MORE

Forehead Lift Done Today - Rome, Italy

Sharing is caring so here's my experience so far for those who are considering it. This morning I went into the medical center for a forhead lift, rhinoplasty and leg liposuction. I'm 36 and I trust my surgeon completely because he was recommended by another doctor friend of mine that is perhaps number one in Italy in his field. Name will follow in follow up if he gives me his permission to... READ MORE

Botox & Filler Experience. - Rome, Italy

Last July I went for the first time to a plastic surgeon, actually asking for a minilift or something to take a few of my 36 years away. He said he usually recommends a facelift to ladies asking for botox must in my case he thought I ought to go for a less invasive approach. So there I was, entering the botox club. The procedure was rather simple just what seemed like an endless number of... READ MORE

Questions from livlen

Is it better to stay active or to rest after liposuction?

I've had leg lipo done 5 days ago. My legs are still painful and very bruised. I keep wearing my compression garment and have started being rather active again (no sport but... READ MORE

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Yes, I think that can help. Also exercise (sweating), repeatedly bending over so blood flows to your head and pressure (rub and hold pressure) on the area maybe could help...good luck... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. I am happy with mine, although at times my doctor leaves me wishing he had injected a little more. On the other hand I have never experienced any of the bad side effects I read so much... READ COMMENT

Hi...i don't have experience with Light Therapy, but to get rid of botox you can try a long hot sauna. It got rid of mine- although that was not my desire. I asked my doctor last time I had botox and he confirmed that a sauna does... READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear botox gave you such trouble. I am happy with mine, perhaps because my doctor really keeps it very conservative. Maybe the trick is to not exaggerate with quantities and settle perhaps for more moderate results but... READ COMMENT

My nose was pretty Jennifer Lopez-ish...but I really felt I needed some serious change in my life that a new hair colour would not satisfy. So I picked on the bones showing on the sides of my nose that would create a little hump in 2/3... READ COMMENT