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What do you think about acupuncture for the fullness of lips?

Why do you recommend fillers such as Juvederm and restylane when they both do not get very good reviews? Juvederm 68% Restylane 65%. Do we know for sure that those fillers will... READ MORE

How much Restalyne for my top lip? (photo)

I already have naturally full lips, but want the top too look a bit more plump, and definitely do not want to overdo it. I have noticed that women with injections have... READ MORE

Accutane and Hair Loss percentage. Would it be beneficial to take biotin for the hair while on accutane?

Is it true that the higher the dose of accutane at one time, may cause more harm then good? I heard it's better to do the full 6 months course by gradually increasing. Would it... READ MORE

Accutane and initial body break out?

Been on accutane for two weeks and experiencing back and chest acne. I know acne flares within the first couple of weeks yet, can it also be for the body as well? I am nervous... READ MORE

Accutane induced hair loss. Is this reversible? How common is this?

I just stopped accutane a month ago, (from a 6 month course) and my naturally thick hair is sloughing off like nothing. I am very worried. I am 134 lbs, 27yr I started off with... READ MORE

Is Accutane successful second time around?

Doctors say when Accutane is administered correctly the results will show. Well, not for my case. I ingested a lot of fat with each pill. I eat 'ate' really well on Accutane. I... READ MORE

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Dont get more you are good. Or else you'll just look like every other white girl with lip injections. You want them to look like they fit your face and you were born with them xo READ COMMENT

Hey lady I was wanting to go on accutane again :( My oily skin has returned and its almost been 4 months since I've been off and I am breaking out again grrrrr. You look great by the way xoxox READ COMMENT

Thank you for this. I am currently going through the shedding phase after stopping my accutane journey. I think mine will be temp, as its a shock to the system once stopping, like surgery and the fact that it was a chemo drug. I'm... READ COMMENT

Hey lady you look amazing! I finished my course too a month ago! We stared around the same time. Have you experienced any hairloss since stopping treatment? I definitely have READ COMMENT

Thank you for your story (: I am currently just stating month 4 and I got two HUGE cysts last night and they are still huge :( but I am trying to be patient. I know many don't see improvement until they are done. Grrr, it has been such... READ COMMENT