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Lip fillers or implants? Keeping the shape/infection risks w/implants?

I have tiny lips but they are perfectly shaped like rosebuds w/ a defined cupid's bow & curled philtrum. I want them MUCH bigger. I wanted to know if implants are a bad... READ MORE

Fat transfer? Thin bony crooked wrinkled fingers and hands.

My finger bones are very misshaped and bulge out in certain areas. I get called "tadpole fingers" and I have no fat in my hands. What is a permanent or semi permanent solution... READ MORE

Safe to put filler in the body?

Is there any doctor that could place filler in areas such as my fingers, wrists, feet, toes, ankles, underneath the butt( stretch mark area), neck, d├ęcolletage, or knees? If ... READ MORE

Filler on top of implants?

On top of cheek implants? Is there a significant risk of infection with this? READ MORE

Calcium hydroxyapatite paste for bone augmentation?

I was wondering why this paste is not used to augment bones in the body. Like there are so many women who want bigger hips but they have a narrow bone structure so it seems... READ MORE

Safety of getting butt implants after injections?

I got butt injections done (spare me the lecture please, I know it was stupid) Would there be an increased risk of infection because this substance is still in my body? It was... READ MORE

Increasing survival rate for fat grafting? (knees, thighs, ankles, wrists)

Is it possible to get fat grafting in the ankles, around the knee area, and thighs or will fat survive well in those areas? My issue is my calves and thigh muscles protrude... READ MORE

Could you literally cut off the bases of the nostrils and move the position up but leave the tip alone?

My nose tip is round and upturned and my nostrils are large and round and sit much lower than the tip. I want the tip and nostrils reduced, but is it also possible to bring the... READ MORE

Tiny hard lumps in lips, hematoma or just filler?

I got injected 3-4 months ago by hyaluronic acid that was too thick and wasn't meant to be used in the lips. I have tiny hard lumps and now I massage them everyday so hard that... READ MORE

Noninvasive lipo for the calves? Does anything really work?

All my fat goes to my calves strangely. I want to steer clear of traditional lipo for the calves because any irregularities would be very unforgiving. There are so many... READ MORE

Shorten the nose without making the tip upturned?

I already have a very upturned nose but I would like it shortened a bit as well as narrowing the tip a bit and reducing the size of the nostrils. Message me if you need more... READ MORE

Thigh implants possible? (photo)

I want to get curvier thighs like the ones in this picture. I know there was a study done on patient satisfaction with lateral thigh implants but I cannot find a dr. that does... READ MORE

Why are some doctors "the best" at doing breast augmentations?

It seems like a relatively straight forward procedure, in what ways one surgeon can be "better" at performing breast augmentations? READ MORE

Filler in Breasts, Voluma? (photo)

Can Voluma be injected into the breasts? I know it would be very expensive, but it seems like it would be good because it lasts a long time and doesn't seem to cause problems... READ MORE

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You really look so womanly I'm jealous. Did she charge u extra for the lips? And did you get any other areas done beside the abdomen? READ COMMENT

Thanks for answering. Can't stop staring at ur pics I've never seen a waist dip turn out that good from a bbl so jealous!!! But when u sit down and curl your torso a little u have some fat left right? I think if there was none all your... READ COMMENT

You got more booty than beyonce! congrats! What rolls are you talking about when you sit? Like fat rolls on the stomach or extra skin? READ COMMENT

You look amazing!! Did u ask her for a more natural look or did you want her to get all the fat out of your torso? Is there any fat on your torso you can feel? READ COMMENT

Tijuana JULY 14-21 PM ME:) I want to stay at beauty care recovery house I think READ COMMENT