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Booked Surg for Upper and Lower Eyes - Halifax, NS. Canada

I went to Landings Surgical Centre in Halifax. I'm 39, both my parents have HORRIBLE bags under their eyes and I have to fix this. It bothers me every time I see myself in pictures or the mirror. Wondering if anyone has gone to Landings Surgical Centre in Halifax. The Dr seems very nice. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask what the outcome would be...... If my expectations are realistic... READ MORE

Thoughts on Toronto Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Center - Toronto, ON

I'm going to have vaginal tightening done at the Toronto Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Center, the nurse was great. She answered all my questions and mentioned thing I had never thought of. I'm wondering if anyone has had surgery done there and what they thought of the Dr's. I tried posting this on the forum but for some reason it won't post. I had my surg done on the 8th of Feb. All I had... READ MORE

Questions from Nyxis

Flying after Vaginoplasty Surgery

My goal is to have the surgery in the morning and fly home that same night.   I've read that the second day is quite painful so I was thinking of going home that same... READ MORE

How long is vaginal tightening recovery time?

I was told that most people return to work in a few days. However, I am a firefighter which can be an extremely physically demanding job. A LOT of lifting, reaching, carrying,... READ MORE

Can doctor tighten vagina further up?

Sorry to be graphic but I'd like to know. Is it common to be tighter at the entrance and really loose further in? It took a lot to get my husband to start talking about this.... READ MORE

Lumps under lower eye lid surgery scar. Will massage help?

I have 2 lumps about 3 mm under the scar. I had lower eye lid surgery 10 days ago. I've read that you can maybe massage this area. If I do, will it hurt anything. It does not... READ MORE

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Toronto Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Center

I'm going to book my appointment next month at the Toronto Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Center and was wondering if anyone has had surgery done there and what they thought of the... READ MORE

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I did not have laser. I had the invasive one done. I told them the circumference of my husbands penis..... yes. I have a custom V :) Anyway. This is 3 years later. I am still extremely happy and would do it again. Don't be one of... READ COMMENT

It's been forever since I've been on this site and re-read my posts. I should have added that this feeling was later explained as. I was feeling my cervix. That area is swollen and I could feel that and the stitches. READ COMMENT

Dr Dimitrios Giannoulias at the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic. It's been 2 years and things are still awesome. I would do it again still. Make sure you can take at least 4 weeks off. READ COMMENT

Things are GREAT. No pain, no discomfort. I hear the laser does not cut any tissue out but somehow tightens the muscles. I wanted a sure thing so I went for the surgery. Pain and discomfort were gone at the 6-8 month range. It is a... READ COMMENT

It's over a year. I would do it again in heartbeat. Any discomfort was gone after 8 months. If you think of any questions just ask. The biggest mistake people make is they want to see down there and poke around. DON'T. I changed my... READ COMMENT