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Raleigh-Durham5529....that doesn't really make sense. Just because some people had a bad procedure doesn't mean that the industry is no good. Should I not have a baby because a doctor on the news was a quack and killed them mom by not... READ COMMENT

Everyone's threshold for pain is different. I have had some clients go to sleep, some said it was uncomfortable but dealable, while others wiggled and squirmed the whole time. It also depends on if the the artist/tech went the proper... READ COMMENT

LaTrec...just to be clear...proper tattooing of the lip (permanent cosmetics) doesn't require going as deep as injecting any filler. When properly done the pigment is implanted in the 1st layer of the dermis. Which is technically the... READ COMMENT

LaTrec....Silicone is not safe to have directly injected into the lip. Most reputable doctors will not do it anymore. I had it done years ago and it was an ok job but I wanted to have it tweaked since it was already in there...and no... READ COMMENT

Also once the scabs have fallen off pick up some Mederma...it's for scars...it helps to eliminate or reduce the appearance of any scaring you might have. READ COMMENT