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Questions from metcalf

Nose piggish/upturned almost month post-op, will it stay this way? (photo)

Almost one month post up. Nose is upturned/piggish I know i have thick skin, but surgeon knew. Will it stay this way? Can it still drop more? Also, one nostril smaller than the... READ MORE

Kenalog injections or fillers to help bulbous tip 11months post open rhinoplasty op? (Photo)

Exactly 11months from rhino. I went in wanting a tip, and a smaller width from nostrils to nostril. 11months post op and i still feel it is very round and looking odly small? I... READ MORE

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Yes please, could I see pics. :) READ COMMENT

Nick quoted me 7k? All up quoting 15,000 roughly. Hmm.. READ COMMENT

Yes I have done the same. I took in a tonne of pics and he is very sure what Iwant is avhievable. I will definitely emphasise what I want before I go in. Thanks u so much for ur words READ COMMENT

My gut says hes good. Il definitely email him with my concerns. Thanks u soooooo much for this pep talk!!!! U came at the right time READ COMMENT

My consults were fine. I told him what I wanted and he said its do-able. Narrow the dorsal bridge, add a bit of point to tip and make base nostrils smaller. I showed him pics and he assured me it would b doable. He realy seemed to know... READ COMMENT