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Traumatic Experience with Dr. Yarish - Houston, TX

I asked for a simple change in my nose, as I loved my natural nose. I just wanted a small dorsal hump SHAVED off. Before he even got in the room he said "Hold on let me do this real, it will be really quick"- talking about the consultation with me. I explained what I wanted (stated above) and then he immediately started saying all of these things I should changed about my nose. I said no, just... READ MORE

Questions from Jaaaane Doe

How important are reviews in the decision making process of finding a revision rhinoplasty specialist?

I am trying to find a revision rhinoplasty specialist because of a botched nose job. However, when I finally find a doctor I am confident in and want to meet, I then look at... READ MORE

Possible to get tip of my nose to where the cartilage shows a little after being completely rounded at the tip? (photo)

Long story short, I have had a botched rhinoplasty. I wanted just a tiny dorsal hump shaved off and with lack of communication, the doctor shortened my nose, rounded the tip to... READ MORE

What doctor is confident that they could possibly do this? (photo)

I've had a botched nose job. My nose was beautiful before. I want a revision to get my nose back as close to my natural one as possible. I know I cannot get the exact thing.... READ MORE

Can anyone get a reverse osteotomy, or does it depend on the person/nose?

I apparently had lateral osteotomies performed and now my bridge and the region between my eyes are way too narrow. Although I know this problem is tricky, does it depend on... READ MORE

I need my nose built up and projected. How many millimeters can be added to the nose projection wise?

I need my nose built up and projected (bridge, radix and tip) quite a bit. I know it might vary, but what is the most it can be projected? I need A LOT added. READ MORE

If I can still feel my nasal spine what was done to shorten my nose?

(All of this was done with out my consent) My nose was shortened drastically. My upper lip is up higher and there is constant tension on my upper lip. Although the lip is the... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a doctor that is superb in reconstructing bone in the nose, glabella, supraorbital, etc?

I had a botched rhinoplasty. A lot of my bone is missing due to overly aggressive rasping and osteotomies. I've been searching and searching for the right doctor to take on... READ MORE

Is it possible to get my aesthetic dorsal lines back? (Photo)

The doctor did aggressive rasping and osteotomies and made my nose way too narrow in the eye region/glabella and now my aesthetic dorsal line looks different for the worst.... READ MORE

‚ÄčIs taking Bactrim for acne okay before I do my Rhinoplasty Revision in 1-3 months?

Not sure if its ok to be taking. If not, then when should I stop? A month before surgery or more? READ MORE

Why have my skin/bones shifted down where my eyebrow area is after a botched rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had a botched rhinoplasty 9 months ago. I have been trying to figure out why my skin/bones have literally shifted down where my eyebrow area is. I look completely different... READ MORE

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It doesn't surprise me that this is the only thing you have commented on. But, I'm surprised that you're surprised.. Because there are a lot of cases like mine with Dr Yarish. At least you are now forewarned. READ COMMENT

Mine is with Dr. Yarish in Houston, Texas. For anyone reading this, stay away from this doctor. READ COMMENT

Yes, I did. They said they could get it looking really similar to my old nose. But Soliman didnt listen to me after a while when I told him I wanted the bridge higher like my old nose. So that bugged me bc I want a doctor that listens... READ COMMENT

Could you give me the name of the doctor you're talking about? I'm in need of a very talented revision specialist. READ COMMENT

We have had a very similar experience, except mine is way way worse. But you look great. Although it only matters what you feel and think, not others opinions. READ COMMENT