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I'll bet you're right about those pictures. My dermatologist's practice is in a fairly small area yet the esthetician showed me page after page after page of before and after photo. The esthetician (in her 30's) also told me that she... READ COMMENT

I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I know my body pretty well and the deep muscles and other tissues in my neck were very sore for about 4 weeks. It felt like very bad muscle strain. Ultherapy definitely damages tissue. That's how it works... READ COMMENT

Dr. Karamanoukian, would you please address the matter of pain? What is your experience with your patients' pain responses to this treatment? READ COMMENT

Sharing, I'm sorry you had to go through the pain and then ended up with unsatisfactory (like terrible) results on top of that. Seems to me that the folks who developed Ulthera should have spent more on research and less on their... READ COMMENT

Above ALL ELSE, it should be about the possible side effects. It causes burning to the tissues below the skin (muscle and nerve at least.) Several people have reported nerve damage causing one side of their mouth to droop as well as... READ COMMENT