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Question. .. when I lay on my side. . The area above my bellybutton has a vertical indention.. like a butt crack! It goes away when I stand. . No pain. . Any thoughts would be appreciated READ COMMENT

Jordysmom. Wow! ! I'm assuming your drain is off to side and not in your vajayjay area. . Lol. .kudos to u!!.. Sorry about the drain. READ COMMENT

Tiff41..I experienced that in upper thighs. . Was told it was nerves reconnecting. . And part numbness going away READ COMMENT

I know the feeling. .. reminds me of being 8 months pregnant! READ COMMENT

Well got the results from my aspiration. ..staph! I'm on correct antibiotics but now I think skin below bb is getting dark. . Does necrosis begin this way? READ COMMENT