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I had Vaser Lipo almost 5 weeks ago, my weight is the same. Does this mean I'm gaining weight?

Before surgery I was 127.5-128.5...for about 3-4 days around day 10 I was down to 126 but since then Ive stuck around 127ish to 129ish. My question is since my Dr. took out... READ MORE

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You look fabulous!!!!! Wow what a dif just a few weeks made!!! I'm so so happy for you! :)) READ COMMENT

Oh no, so sorry you are going through SO MUCH right now. Our family owns a few Adult family homes which take care of dementia patients. I can only assume your ageing father is overwhelmed, tired and sad and that is why he is... READ COMMENT

Ok..I want to find the right words and probably won't but we need to get your mind happy and healthy again. I have to work daily on this for myself. Your are a beautiful woman. Yes, your tummy doesn't look smooth BUT it is not such a... READ COMMENT

:( so sorry to hear things are not looking better. Did your Dr ever get back to you? I cant believe all this has happened, you are right..your tummy didnt look bad at all and it seems like it would have been a very easy fix. The creases... READ COMMENT

Really big hugs jade, I'm so very sorry. I can only hope the skin will tighten up with time..you have been through so much already and I hate to hear you are suffering again. The only thing I can think about this happening this time is... READ COMMENT