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is it normal for botox to look different when I first wake up?

When I look in the mirror washing my face first thing in the morning, my botox is way more active on one brow/eyelid than the other. One eyelid is baggy and the brow lower than... READ MORE

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Hope you are doing better! Here in the US it is similar, where it seems some docs (hopefully not all, but who really knows unless we all compare notes) don't want to help out their patient if something goes wrong with a treatment... READ COMMENT

It's so great that your bf was understanding and supportive! Most guys (well, the ones I have dated) don't understand and kind of look down on even botox (which I have a few times per year and never felt comfortable to tell my bf about... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your story! I think if they could come up with a way to speed healing everyone would have a facelift. I went through it and it does take so long! Did you have to have a physical or bloodwork before the procedure? Did... READ COMMENT

Hi there, Thanks for sharing your photos! Don't know if you will see this note because your surgery was almost a year ago, but just in case: how are you doing? Did you have any follow up visits or treatment during your later healing... READ COMMENT

HI Mary, Thanks for sharing your experiences :) Did you have general anesthesia or local? Was the procedure called a lower face lift or neck lift? Hope you are feeling better each day and your swelling is going down. You look great! I... READ COMMENT