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10 years of waiting i did it - Acworth, GA

So far so good I hate the morning boob but nothing I can do for that very little scaring so far my Docter failed to tell me when to massage and about the bloating and about the rib pain but hopefully I have all you guys and gals to help me get though this the sleeping up right is horrible but if your thinking of getting Brest implants do your home work first Finally slept in the bed after 5... READ MORE

Questions from Miss boots

Day 6 Post Op Went from 36c to 450 Cc Morning Boob is Not Great Pain in my Ribs Why? (photo)

Day 6 post op I'm worndering if there is any relife from morning boob or the pain under my right rib I take that as normall heat pack works on my back my right breast is much... READ MORE

Why is It Important No to Have Sex?

Why is sex for up to four weeks a no no I can understand not wanting someone on to of them but I don't understand it also how long is it gonna be before I can cuddle READ MORE

410 Cc in Both Breast Sub Glandular Silicone Gel Implants? (photo)

I am worried about capsule contracture I feel I'm at high risk to get this because of where the implant was placed and also worried about rippling but I heard that if I gained... READ MORE

My Dr Said No Ice but Some Say Ice Helps with the Morning Boob and my Ribs So Should I Use It? (photo)

A couple of questions morning boob im on day 7 still have it i had 410 cc gel silcone implants above the musule is ice safe to use for the morning boob and capsule contracture... READ MORE

Ribs Still Hurting Musle Spasms? (photo)

8 days post op i thought by now my body wouldnt still hurt is there anything i can do for my ribs it is on the right side i have tryed ice i have tryed rubing but i enhale and... READ MORE

When Can I Get out of Zip Ups? (photo)

I am so ready to wear a normal bra one of my zip ups i ordered was to tight is that bad or good it gave support and why am i so bloated before i wasnt in the photos you will... READ MORE

When Will my Beast Be Softer? (photo0

Ok i ordered 5 zip up bras one was a 38d to tight it gave support but it was cutting in my skin and when can i go back to a normal bra day 8 i know to soon and the bloating... READ MORE

410 Cc 5 Foot 4 130 What Size? (photo)

What size should I end up with right now I'm wearing 38 d sports bras tight but support I'm hopping for a 38dd and Also still bloating any help to stop or is it just my diet... READ MORE

Day 10, are my results ok? (photo)

Is it time for me to get out of the zip ups bras and just wear sports bras or the fasten front ones like in the photos shown is it enough support READ MORE

Day 11, When Can I Get Out Of Zip Ups And Wear A Normall Sports Bra?

Day 11 when can I get out of zip ups and wear a normall sports bra and when will my breast be softer READ MORE

Should my dr had cleaned or changed my tape at my 2 week post op? (photo)

He told me if the tape comes off just to retake leave on 10 hrs then clean confused spent that leave room for infection and his nurse had the tape out and the cutters out he... READ MORE

Should i use clothing tape so soon? (photo)

As i have said in my reveiw of my dr he is great but asking questions and answering not so great so my question is i am dressing up for halloween and my costume shows my breast... READ MORE

Bruising around my nipple? (photo)

3 weeks post op is the brusing you see around my nipple normal or not seeing as my cuts are under the breast not in the nipple is it just my skin streaching and from pro photos... READ MORE

4 Weeks PO, Should I peel off tape on incision or let it come off on its own?

The tape that covers the stitches is starting to peel off should I go ahead a take it off or let it keep peeling on its own it has been 4 weeks READ MORE

Hurting in ribs and feels like? (photo)

Hurting on my right rib cage it has been one mth and when I move I feel like something is moving next to my ribs at my last post op he said it was normal but now I'm not so... READ MORE

Are Dry Nipples Normal, 5 Months Post-op?

I had my ba in oct of 2013 it's feb 2014 just now noticing my nipples are very dry is this normal after time has passed READ MORE

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Ya i mant on my back a heat pad and two wedge pillows i have had mine 3 mths i was just telling what i found best ps dont always know best but i never used ice it can cause tear cause i could not get the insison wet for 4 weeks but heat... READ COMMENT

Looking good just rember pain and tight ness may get worse i used a heating pad for a week and just dont do too much at all for weeks i didnt lift anything till 6 weeks after but now mine feel real and im finally in a vs bra 38 dd no... READ COMMENT