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Laser Brazilian - Memphis, TN

I've had two treatments of a laser brazilian. Its way better than waxing. The hair is significantly reduced and temporarily removed. Eventually, it will be permanently removed. I have 8 more treatments to go. The laser does not hurt, its a little zap. I used squeeze balls to take the edge off.... READ MORE

Vi Peel- First two peels, amazing. 3rd peel, different, slower, milder....

I've gone through two Vi peels, and would do it again. The results are clear: fresh new skin, diminished fine lines. I had the peel applied on a Thursday, went to work with a beet red face on Friday, started to peel on Saturday, and peeled Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I peeled a lot. I looked... READ MORE

Vanquish-3 Treatments

It was an easy, painless, quick procedure, like laying under a heating pad for 30 minutes. That being said, I paid $1300 for 3 treatments spaced one week apart. 2 weeks after the series of 3, I have NO VISIBLE or Measurable results, as if I never had the treatment. Unless something shifts... READ MORE

4 Sessions-visable Lower Belly Results - San Francisco, CA

I am 5'7, 140 lbs. I have a lower stomach pooch, always have. I had four sessions and I notice visible results 1.5 months after my last treatment. My last two treatments were performed by a more skilled technician. I could tell by the duration, pressure, heat, and lymphatic massage... READ MORE

Questions from readyforsuccess

I still look very tan and sunburnt post peel. I am on day 9 post Vi Peel. Is this normal? When should I start to worry?

This is my third Vi Peel. After the first two peels, I was not red or tan post peel. I am on day 9, my skin has peeled off. I am very red and tan and look sunburnt, especially... READ MORE

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I agree about downtime and the product descriptor. I'm starting my third ViPeel (2008, 2010) and set aside an entire 6 days to stay sequestered inside. I'm hoping to peel as vigorously this time, but I'm not brown on day 1 like last... READ COMMENT

Hello how did it go? Did you leave the peel on overnight? After how many hours did you wash it off? Did you put the 1st towellete over the peel or wash the peel off and then apply the towellette? READ COMMENT

I've only done it twice in the past 5 years. I would not do it more than once a year. My skin is already very thin. I can not afford to lose more. What products do you use to exfoliate with? READ COMMENT

I don't know that any inches are gone. However there may be a slight reduction in the overall volume of the pooch. READ COMMENT

I don't know if I actually lost any inches. Over all there is a feeling that the volume of the pooch has gone down. READ COMMENT