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Cera Root Implant-so Far So Good

I got one Cera-Root dental implant two weeks ago in my upper gums. This is an alternative to titanium implants. The Cera-Root is supposed to be more bio-compatible. Easy operation, I did not "go under". Easy healing. No pain, no pain killers, appears healed. A light pulsing for the first few days, but thats the extent of it. Very happy so far. Excited for the prosthetic tooth in 4 months. I... READ MORE

Laser Brazilian - Memphis, TN

I've had two treatments of a laser brazilian. Its way better than waxing. The hair is significantly reduced and temporarily removed. Eventually, it will be permanently removed. I have 8 more treatments to go. The laser does not hurt, its a little zap. I used squeeze balls to take the edge off. I will update in a year to determine if the results are long lasting. Laser Brazilian is the way... READ MORE

Vi Peel- First two peels, amazing. 3rd peel, different, slower, milder....

I've gone through two Vi peels, and would do it again. The results are clear: fresh new skin, diminished fine lines. I had the peel applied on a Thursday, went to work with a beet red face on Friday, started to peel on Saturday, and peeled Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I peeled a lot. I looked like a monster. It was not an "easy process" it was uncomfortable with fresh skin literally falling... READ MORE

Vanquish-3 Treatments

It was an easy, painless, quick procedure, like laying under a heating pad for 30 minutes. That being said, I paid $1300 for 3 treatments spaced one week apart. 2 weeks after the series of 3, I have NO VISIBLE or Measurable results, as if I never had the treatment. Unless something shifts over time, it was not worth the money. Most of the before/after photos I've seen from the company... READ MORE

4 Sessions-visable Lower Belly Results - San Francisco, CA

I am 5'7, 140 lbs. I have a lower stomach pooch, always have. I had four sessions and I notice visible results 1.5 months after my last treatment. My last two treatments were performed by a more skilled technician. I could tell by the duration, pressure, heat, and lymphatic massage technique. I would have preferred her for my first two treatments as well. I think there needs to be more... READ MORE

Questions from readyforsuccess

I still look very tan and sunburnt post peel. I am on day 9 post Vi Peel. Is this normal? When should I start to worry?

This is my third Vi Peel. After the first two peels, I was not red or tan post peel. I am on day 9, my skin has peeled off. I am very red and tan and look sunburnt, especially... READ MORE

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Any updates? How are your results over 1 year later? READ COMMENT

Any updates? Did the results last? READ COMMENT

Whatever kind of laser Ideal Image uses. READ COMMENT

Please keep up the reviews. I see you are making progress. Those first 6 days look rough. Very interested in seeing photos and hearing more of your reviews. READ COMMENT

Let me know how it goes. I will cancel my appointment if need be. READ COMMENT