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I think that because they do BAS all day long, a lot of surgeons stop listening to what we want and do what they think will look the best. When you're paying that much money, you should get to choose the size baring no complications. READ COMMENT

Glad you're feeling better. ..I know you're feeling like they're not as big as you originally wanted but I was looking at your before and afters and I think they definitely look bigger and really nice; -)...the first couple of weeks,... READ COMMENT

As far as taking the pill...I've never heard that one. My surgeon never even asked if I was taking any bc but if you're worried, call them & ask. Everyone worries about post op pain but end up saying it wasn't nearly as bad as they... READ COMMENT

For every drug or procedure out there, there's going to be people or "studies" that show them to be unsafe. Thousands of woman get implants every day and very few have any complications. You can't let yourself be bothered by those... READ COMMENT

The other ladies are right, always go for the bigger of the choices your surgeon gives you...and 15cc is really no difference. Also, silicone is a really great choice (I got them as well) especially when you have a smaller frame. READ COMMENT