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I had my HT for 3063 grafts on the front and vertex with Dr. Peter Williams at Ziering Medical UK. overall experience was very good. i had a team of 5 people who were planting the grafts under Dr. Williams supervision. the surgery was around 12 hours which was a lengthy procedure but the experience. the staff helped in making me comfortable especially during the local anaesthetic which was the... READ MORE

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Is Hair Oil Good for Transplanted Hair Grafts Post 10 Day Hair Transplant Op?

On the 9th day post HT I started applying herbal oil to soften the scabs by gently massaging. When I asked my doctor he mentioned not to use oil for another weekbut he never... READ MORE

Resume Normal Haircare Lifestyle Post 13 Day HT?

I have started to resume my normal hair care activities post 13 day HT. my doctor has confirmed to this. i use wide tooth comb to comb my existing hair and hair grafts. hope... READ MORE

IS MSM Good for Hair?

Heard a lot about MSM benefits. READ MORE

I am post 1 month HT and went to sauna for an hour after 1 month. Am I safe or have i disturbed the Hair grafts.?

I was in and out of Sauna for an hour. Do i disturb my new hair graft follicles or skin? i am post 1 month HT. regards sinu READ MORE

What's the difference between scab and crust? Can hair grafts come off when there are crusts?

HI i would like to know the difference between scab and crust. when i did my transplant, i had lot of prior hairs sticking out post 9 day HT and i had to massage them to get... READ MORE

At 9 days post, most studies published mention that even though scabs are present, grafts cannot be dislodged. Is this true?

At 9 days post transplant, most studies published mentioned eventhough scabs are present, grafts canno be dislodged. is this true as all studies published prove it is safe for... READ MORE

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Ring Ziering Medical Birmingham and they shall arrange appointment with Dr Williams or Dr Ed ball. they are very good surgeons READ COMMENT

No progress Kirsty. its been 14 months post transplant and no results are been seen. i have been on finasteride for 14 months. checked with the Dr and states sometimes the growth is limited. this does not make any sense. READ COMMENT

HI All, i have had the same issue. had the surgery, post 8 months the Dr mentioned to wait for 8 months. its now 14 months post transplant and no progress yet. i spent a lot of money on the transplant and see no results. READ COMMENT

Hi i had my transplant done from Ziering london with Dr williams. for me the maximum number of grafts were implanted on the crown and i am now 11 months post op and dont see full coverage but do notice sprouts of growth. dr has adviced... READ COMMENT

HI Kirsty its been almost nearing to my 11 month Post HT and with deep disappointment i say the procedure has not worked much as i expected. i have been on finasteride for 1months and do see thickness but dont see much effect on the... READ COMMENT