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Radiesse Has Caused Depression and Anxiety - Newark, OH

All of my life I've been teased for having a cleft chin. My family and friends would constantly poke fun of me for it. This make me very self-conscious, especially since it is considered a masculine trait. Once I saved enough money, I had a radiesse injection to reduce the cleft. I had the procedure done by a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon and thought it would be a harmless... READ MORE

Questions from La123456

Will the Radiesse Injected in my Chin Go Away?

I got radiesse injected to get rid of my cleft chin 5 weeks ago, and now my chin looks huge. The plastic surgeon that injected it did not use the entire syringe. I don't know... READ MORE

Stretched skin or chin dimples after superficial radiesse injections?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 2 months ago. I can tell that the doctor injected it superficially since a white substance is visible in the dermis. As the radiesse... READ MORE

Muscle spams after Radiesse?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 3 months ago. Ever since then, I have been experiencing a muscle spasm in my chin. It doesn't hurt, but feels very uncomfortable. It will... READ MORE

Is Radiesse permanent for some people?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 3 months ago. There is no sign of it dissolving since then, and I'm afraid it may be permanent. Is it possible that Radiesse is permanent... READ MORE

Does the drug "Actonel (risedronate)" break down Radiesse?

I've read that this drug can break down Radiesse at a faster pace. Is this an over the counter medication? Is it safe? I have been overfilled with Radiesse, and I'm looking for... READ MORE

Second course of accutane?

I went on a 5 course of accutane 4 years ago & it cleared up my skin, considerably. I had no bad side effects except for dry skin. My acne back has now come back and My... READ MORE

Will Electrolysis Hair Removal help break up superficial radiesse in my chin?

I had radiesse injected in my chin 5 months ago. It was injected superficially because in certain lights, I see many spots on my chin that are white. I get electrolysis done on... READ MORE

Swelling 7 months post Radiesse. Did it cause this swelling?

I had radiesse injected into my chin 7 months ago. There are days where I experience a lot of swelling in my chin region and other days where I have none at all. Does this have... READ MORE

Would it be possible to remove 8 year old chin implant after radiesse?

I had a small chin implant put in about 8 years ago. About 9 months ago I had radiesse injected into my cleft chin. Now, my chin looks overly prominent and I'm thinking of... READ MORE

What can be done about superficial injection of Radiesse besides waiting? There are white splotches all over my chin.

I had Radiesse injected in my chin exactly 1 year ago. There are white splotches all over my chin from a superficial injection and makes me look deformed. What can I do to get... READ MORE

What can I do about extra skin on eyelids? (photos)

I've recently noticed that I have folds on my eyelids. It's very difficult for me to apply eyeshadow and now I figured out why. What are my options? I attached a picture below.... READ MORE

Is an upper blepharoplasty necessary? (Photo)

I'm thinking of going through with this surgery but want to be sure whether it's the right thing to do. Is the excessive skin on my eyelids something that I'm being too... READ MORE

Earlobe reduction surgery? (Photo)

I'm a 25 year old who has large earlobes due to hereditary reasons. I've been teased countless times because of this. I went to a doctor to get a consultation and informed me... READ MORE

Recent comments from La123456

I got radiesse in my chin 2 years ago and it is very much still there. the doctor also injected very superficially so I don't think it will ever go away. This stuff is the worst READ COMMENT

Mine is still in my chin and it has been 18 months :( READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! What is the alternative medicine? READ COMMENT

Thank you for the support! READ COMMENT

Thank you for your support -- I'll try to remain hopeful. God bless READ COMMENT